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This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIRE: Charlie - 7/1998

After being hidden on the shared list with no update since he was 6 yrs old, Charlie gets a chance to introduce himself to prospective families through a video. He needs a family to commit to him by late June. He turns 14 on July 31, 2012.

Charlie has repaired cleft lip and palate. He is in Ningxia province.
Charlie's Video

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Juliet - 9/1998

Beautiful Juliet is 13 years old!!!  This precious child will age out in September!  Juliet is listed as having hypoevolutism, others normal.  Please read about this wonderful little girl.
She is in Grade five at this time, she studies in Experimental primary school. She respect the teachers, hard-working, and gets along well with classmates. she is doing common about her study, she is not good at maths, but her handwriting is very good. she can provide herself, she washes dishes, washes the clothes, help her caregiver sweep the floor and tidy the room. She is well-behaved, listen to arrange, doesn’t have her own ideas. She doesn’t like to use her head, when she meets a problem/question, She always likes to ask questions. When she is watching TV with other children together, other children can understand the story, but she can’t, so she will ask many question about it. She smiles a lot, when she is criticism, she won’t talk back and accept advice humbly.
Juliet sounds like a child who just needs some direction, some sense of worth and most of all, love!  Please contact Lifeline

Monday, April 30, 2012

DIRE: Kelli - 06/1998

Kelli is a singer and recites poetry.  She is polite, kind, and is a quick learner.  Kelli's best friend was just adopted by another family. Their daughter decribes Kelli as "a lively girl, 13 years old. She  also has cerebral palsy and I have the same disease. We are very very good friends. She is very kind-hearted, sensible, beautiful, and considerate of others. Sometimes when I was not happy, she helped me to resolve my  grief. I miss her so much."
"She has shared her secrets and hopes with me  as close friends. She and I both would like to see the magic fairy show, "Palace." Her dreams include  becoming  a singer. She loves make-up,  and we enjoy watching singers on TV together. Her number one wish is to have a family and  to have a home. She is so loving and is interested in many topics including talking about  health. She dreams of leaving the orphanage and what a vacation might be like. "

Kelli has CP and she has improved so much she can sing and dance now, and she really wants a family.  She is cute, smart, active, outgoing, and likes to communicate with people. She doesn’t have many restrictions for most activities. She takes classes in the institute and is a serious student and quick learner. Her ennunciation is not clear for some words, but she can write with her left hand. She likes to study math and English and can speak some simple English. She enjoys performing and likes it when she receives praise from others. She is independent in daily life, and can help teachers and friends and can take care of others. Her teachers and friends really like her and she gets along well with others.

The adoption authorities just saw this child recently and really wish her to have a home. They said in fact her physical and mental conditions are much better than people would think by reading her medical file. The medicals are out dated and old. We have an updated video and are waiting for the updated medical information. Since she ages out in June  she needs a family whose dossier is in country and immigration approval is current. We would be happy to move her file to another agency for a family who wants to adopt her. This orphanage may be willing to lower  her orphanage donation if a family requests it. My heart breaks for this child who so much longs for a family.

Thanks for your help with getting the word out about this girl. She is described as sweet, and it’s clear many people hope she can be adopted.

Please contact Ckids (at) wacap (dot) org  for more information about Kelli.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Older Child Adoption - Cautions and Concerns

The discussion on the internet right now about Older Child Adoption is centering around this article

As the adoptive mom to 2 older (10 and 14 at adoption) healthy boys, I feel I have a bit of experience in this area.

I actually know the "Sue Matheson" and "Debbie" referenced in the article and at least parts of their stories. I was very suspicious of the true age of some "aging out" kids that were adopted from Louyang from the moment I saw their pictures on their familys' blogs. I am not surprised at these revelations.

However, what concerns me is that Mr. Stuy seems to almost be implying that ALL healthy older kids come from suspect backgrounds and this is what disturbs me.

The truth is almost ALL of our kids from China have living birth families. That part is no different.

The truth is most birth families have NO IDEA that their children will be adopted out internationally when they choose to hand their children over to an orphanage (whether directly or via abandonment). I am basing this on reports from families that have made contact with birth families in China.

The truth is the Chinese culture is VERY different from our own. While most Americans would NEVER consider abandoning our child or handing them over to governmental officials for "an education", the Chinese mindset is different.

The truth is many files have bogus/made-up/false information in them. Just ask any adoptive parent of a Chinese child. I have heard this over and over in the six years I've been a part of this community.

The truth is that these kids deserve to be in a family and not growing up in an institution. Regardless of how they got there. Yes, it would be best if they could grow up in their birth family, but for the vast majority of kids who are in Chinese (and other countries' orphanages), that is simply not a viable

The truth is there will always be corruption/shady dealings in any encounter that involves people. We are all human and humans sin.

As Christians and concerned parents, we should speak out about the corruption.  However, we must be careful that we don't throw out the proverbial (and in this case literal) baby with the bathwater.  Just as the Hunan baby trafficking scandal shut down adoptions from Hunan for a while, I believe that adoptions from Luoyang should be suspended.  I believe that a broader investigation should ensue and any other CWIs that are involved should also be suspended. 

What I DON'T want to happen is for ALL Chinese adoptions to be stopped. And I don't want even MORE paperwork that is mostly useless to make the process even longer (aka Hague).  That would be a huge disservice to the thousands of children who are truly available for adoption.  They NEED a family and the sooner the better. 

Let's not forget that this is truly all about the child. We as parents (and prospective adoptive parents) must do our research and follow our hearts and God's leading as we consider each child. Please don't let such stories about one part of adoption deter you from giving a child what they need and deserve.

P.S. There are similar "horror stories" about pregnancy and childbirth, yet very few people would choose not to get pregnant just because something "might" happen. If we had concrete proof or many indicators (like a genetically passed-down disease), then yes, we would take that into consideration. Adoption should be no different.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jennifer - 12/1998

Jennifer is an extroverted, clever, gregarious girl, but she can be a bit shy sometimes. She likes to do activities with kids of the same age, gets along well with kids, knows to share food and toys with others, likes all kinds of toys. She is fond of watching TV, and responds actively to strangers and new things.

She is in the 2nd grade in a primary school. (Note:  It is not unusual for a child from an orphanage to be several grades behind where they would be if they were not in an orphanage.  This is due to the fact that in this child's country, the orphanage has to pay for the kids to go to school.  Many times, they don't have the money to do this so the children are started later or sometimes miss a year)  She is docile and disciplined in class, can learn what the teacher teaches, and finish homework well. She is a middle-upper level student.

She likes the father and mother in foster family, is polite and greets her friends every day. She knows to open the door for the visitors and is quite obedient and sensible. She can help Mum to do something she can do. She is docile and cares of her family, cares for younger brother and sister for Mum. She begins to have sense of right and wrong, can express herself clearly, solve some difficulty with her knowledge. She has her own thought, has good intellect, recognizes daily used commodities, and knows their name, purpose and sort. She is very curious, likes to explore and know various objects and new things he never sees before, and cares for the change of surrounding persons and things.
Jennifer has vision/eye problems, but is otherwise healthy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shea - 09/98

Meet Shea.  He is an artist, musician, and wants to learn to dance like Michael Jackson.There is 6 months to adopt him before he ages out and will be left behind in Asia on his birthday with little resources. He is a bright, healthy 13 year old boy with a repaired cleft lip and palate. He speaks clearly and articulately.

He goes to 7th grade outside the orphanage where he is an average student whose favorite subject is art. He presented us with a drawing he had made, and colored, of his favorite cartoon characters. It is clear from this work that he is very talented. He also enjoys basketball and playing traditional drums. Shea describes himself as being very honest and happy, and states that it makes him sad when someone doesn’t want to play with him. He is a soft-spoken, sweet, young boy who would thrive in a family who can adopt him before he is 14 and becomes ineligible for adoption.  When asked if he could have anything in the world he wanted, he replied that he would love to learn to dance like Michael Jackson.

When our staff met him briefly she said "he really seems like a great kid. He was rather shy, very polite with lots of interests—drawing, music and dancing. He said he would like to be adopted and I have no doubt it was a genuine and not “spoon-fed” answer. I really enjoyed meeting him and I think any family would be lucky to have him."

Finances: There is a $4200 Promise Child grant for families making less than $125,000 a year. Please ask about possible fee waivers, private grants and loans to apply for. For more info and photos of Shea please contact at WACAP (>).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIRE! Leon - 04/1998

We need a prayer and advocacy campaign these next few days for Leon  - a wonderful 13 yr old boy in Guangdong province, Shenzhen City CWI. He has repaired CHD. Leon needs a family to commit to him this coming week! If you have been considering and researching older child adoption and can make this leap of faith - please consider Leon!

A friend wanted to share that they sent his file to a friend of theirs who is a heart surgeon this is what he wrote back:

"In answer to your query regarding Leon,he may always remain small. He has murmurs over three valves in his heart, which may mean he could need further surgeries when he is older. It is encouraging that they do not describe any heart failure signs or symptoms, which may indicate that he may need nothing further done. Without examining him further, I can't be more precise. He seems healthy, active and well adjusted."

Leon has a strong ability to express himself, and always say hello to others. He gets along well with others. He has 3 good friends he likes to play wtih. He loves to read comic books and loves the characters in the book. He can draw the characters in the books with good detail. His learning ability is strong and careful. He is optimistic, friendly, gregarious, and smart. He is post-operative for Tetralogy of Fallot and his heart exams appear normal. The orphanage has agreed to waive the orphanage donation fee for any family who adopts Leon.

This is one handsome guy! He's on the shared list.

Please read more about him here:

username: waiting

password: children

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucky is a Lucky guy!

Lucky who was profiled here has found a family!!!!  Their story is truly amazing, but you'll have to go to their blog to find out more. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zeke met his family!

Zeke met his forever family today!  No pictures yet, but a happy kid and a happy mom!

Go check out their blog here

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teddy - Oct 1998

We shudder to think how limited his life will be in his country with his special need if he doesn't
get adopted in time. Our staff decribed him as a very sweet boy. He is an outgoing boy who was not too shy when talking with us. He attends school outside the orphanage and is in the 2nd grade. Because he has grown up in the orphanage, the orphanage started him in school at a much later age than he would have started had he grown up in a family, but they report that he is quite smart.
He's a very good student and above average. His favorite subject is math. He enjoys playing when outside of school especially with a ball. He has many friends of all ages. He's very active and likes to run. He says that some of his favorite things are snacks and new clothes. He says that nothing makes him sad. When he sees an injustice for himself or others, he tells the teachers. His caregivers report that he is a hearty eater. He was very polite and always smiled at us when he saw us walk by during our visit at the institute.

Teddy is on the shared list, but there is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families if the family chooses to use WACAP for his adoption.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Urgent: Nathan - 8/98

Nathan is in danger of “aging out.” This means that he will soon turn 14 years old, at which time he will no longer be eligible to be adopted. Since his birthday is in the middle of August, his adoptive family must have their homestudy completed for his adoption by the middle of April.

Nathan is considered a healthy child although some of his hepatitis B tests came back positive and were requested to be retested. He was admitted to the orphanage at the age of 3 and 1/2 years old, soon after began living with a foster family with whom he still resides, and began school at an early age. His report from 2011 indicates that he has normal cognitive and motor development, but his grades are a bit below average due to a lack of enthusiasm for school. He does, however, mostly enjoy history and gym classes and gets along with friends and classmates.

He is described as gentle, active, extroverted, and he looks after his younger foster brothers and sisters at home as well as other children at the orphanage. Enjoying chess, cards, and basketball, he also likes to surf the Internet, and he helps his foster mom with chores around the house. If you are interested in adopting Nathan, but have not yet started your homestudy, you can still have time to complete it!

Contact us immediately at ckids (at) wacap (dot) org to find out more about the process and timeframes. WACAP is offering a promise child grant of $4,200 to help the family who adopts this child; qualifying families have an annual household income under $125,000/year after child deductions of $3,700 per dependent child averaged over the past two years’ tax returns.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Michelle has a family!

Back in January, I posted about two girls who are part of a Love Without Boundaries program.

I found out today that Michelle who ages out in May has found her family!   

As far as I know, Wendy is still waiting for her family to find her.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Phillip - 12/98

Phillip is a healthy 13yo boy.  At present, Phillip has big eyes, dark skin, slim face, and is introverted.  He is mentally strong and sensitive, takes care of himself well, ready to help others, aids the caretaker to do what he can. He has unclear pronunciation, which makes him shy to strangers. However, he works hard on his exercises and has made big progress. He has normal development as kids of same age.

He is happy to communicate when he feels joy, fond of playing chess, shows respect to elders, easy going and ready to help, care about the group.

He entered Primary school on Sep. 1, 2006. He works hard, has some difficult in Chinese study due to his slowness in language; he has good math marks, does good in playing chess and making hand-craft, have excellent PE mark. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Colton - 12/98

Colton is a healthy 13 yr old boy and has completed 6th grade at the local elementary school.  He is smart and attentive in class and is able to finish his homework. He is a middle to above level student. His caregiver says if he works harder, he could get better marks. He is extroverted and he greets teachers first when seeing them. He has a variety of interests and hobbies and he enjoys participating in all kinds of group activities. He loves playing soccer with other children especially. At home, he is well behaved, and he does age appropriate chores to help the foster mother. He has good living habits and has strong self-care ability. Since he is the elder brother in the family, he takes care of younger children. He is a sensitive child.

Colton's orphanage fee has been waived.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

An opportunity to help Kyle

A few weeks ago, we highlighted Kyle, but unfortunately, a family did not step forward for Kyle in time.  We have now been made aware of an opportunity to help Kyle complete his schooling in China.  If you are interested in sponsoring Kyle's schooling through a reputable American NGO working in China, please contact me at umiamigrad (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will provide more information.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some are called to adopt...

and some are called to help those who are adopting.

If you find yourself in this last category, I would like to let you know about two families that are bringing home aging out children, but who need financial help to do so.  The first family is racing to bring home a 13yo girl in addition to a toddler girl. You can read more about their family and make a donation at

The second family is racing to bring home a 13 yo boy in addition to a 7 yr old boy.  You can read more about their family here and make a donation at Pancoast Chip-in

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lucky - 8/1998

Lucky is 13 years old. He is a Hep B carrier. Lucky is noted to be a very friendly boy with an excellent temperament. He has learned English in school and loves to play basketball. He is extroverted and obedient. He hopes to be in the Special Forces when he grows up. He wants to be adopted and come to the U.S. He hopes his family will be warm and happy. Lucky is close friends with Ned and Dusty who have found their families. Please help find Lucky's family! 
Lucky is on the shared list and is available to any agency that has access to the shared list.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fred - 10/1998

Fred is an outgoing boy who was not too shy when talking with us. He attends school outside the orphanage and is in the 2nd grade. Because he has grown up in the orphanage, the orphanage started him in school at a much later age than he would have started had he grown up in a family, but they report that he is quite smart. He’s a very good student and above average. His favorite subject is math. He has dwarfism. He enjoys playing when outside of school especially with a ball. He has many friends of all ages. He’s very active and likes to run. He says that some of his favorite things are snacks and new clothes. Fred says that nothing makes him sad. When he sees an injustice for himself or others, he tells the teachers. His caregivers report that he is a hearty eater. He was very polite and always smiled at us when he saw us walk by during our visit at the institute.

This child is listed with WACAP through a special partnership project with his/her orphanage.  There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact a waiting child case manager at ckids @ wacap . org (remove spaces)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kate has a family!

Precious Kate who I blogged about here has found her family!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zeke has a family!

I originally posted about Zeke here and here and here.  I found out today that a family sent in LOI for Zeke and has now received PA! 


I don't think they have a blog, but if they set one up and give me permission, I'll post it here!

MANY kids who need families

A blogger friend asked folks to post about kids that are running out of time on her blog.  Rather than re-post about the 99 kids who are listed there now, I am just going to provide a link to her page.  Many of these kids are in Eastern European countries, some are in Asia, some have grants, they are all ages.  Please check them out and pray for each of them to find a family

Operation: Rescue

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shannon has a family!

I posted about Shannon here.  Well, her family received TA on Friday!  You can follow their journey here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Urgent - Oliver 06/1998

DOB 6/1998; sn: repaired cleft lip & palate
Oliver is on the shared list - however, if you go through WACAP, they have up to $9500 in financial aid!
1、 Does Oliver want to be adopted by a foreign family?

He wants to be adopted by foreign family.

2、Besides basketball, what other activities does he like to play or do?
He likes playing badminton and yoyo.

3、What does he wish to be when he grows up (job, etc.)?
He wants to be an athlete or a sports coach..

4、Would he like to have siblings?
Yes, he likes to grow up with siblings if he have.

5、Does he prefer to play with older children or younger children (or children the same age)?

Yes, he likes playing and sharing fun with other guys.

6、Is there anyone at the orphanage in which he is close?
He gots many close friends in his class.

7、What are his favorite foods? I read that he loves hamburgers! Has he ever had McDonald's?
He loves juice very much.

8、If he had one wish, what would that wish be?
He wishes to be a painter.
Oliver is in 7th grade in the special education school where English is his favorite subject. His caregiver reports he has a difficult time focusing, but it may be because it seems he has some difficulty hearing. Oliver continually asked for questions to be repeated and watched the lips of the person talking.
His caregiver said his hearing is normal and that he was just nervous, but he said he sometimes can’t hear what is being said. He has not had speech therapy, but Oliver will likely need it due to his post operative cleft lip and palate. He likes watching TV. He enjoys reading comic books, and Batman is his favorite superhero. His favorite sport is basketball and Oliver loves a hamburger.
There is up to $9500 in financial aid available (including a $4200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption and the possibility of up to $5300 in fee waivers).
You can read more about Oliver  and see his picture here Oliver

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

While "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", a "Rose" that has a family name rather than an orphanage name is one of the best things I can think of. 

While "Rose" (now Rosalyn) found her family before I could highlight her here, I still want people to know about the success stories of these older kids.  I actually had the pleasure of meeting Rosalyn last year when we were in Kunming adopting BG.  She is a wonderful young lady and I hope one day to be able to meet the rest of her family.

14 is a Beautiful Birthday

Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIRE: Kate - March 1998

I am highlighting Kate again.  Her time is VERY short! She ages out in the middle of March.  At this time, to be able to bring Kate home, a family would have to already have a dossier in China.  You do NOT have to already be approved for two by USCIS - you can submit a Supplement 3 for this and have it approved in time.  The family most likely needs to submit LOI for her by Friday 2/10 to have time to finalize all of the paperwork.

Three years ago, a passerby found Kate wandering a mountain park in southern China.  A 10-year-old girl, dressed in a pink coat and pants, Kate was found all alone.  At barely 50 lbs, with a greenish-yellow cast to her skin, she seemed weak and small for her age.  The stranger contacted the police.  After an unsuccessful search for her birth family, they sent her to a social welfare institute in Guangxi province.

At the institute, Kate was found to have severe anemia caused by beta thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder. After a blood transfusion, both her health and appetite improved.  Her youthful color came back to her skin, and she showed more spirit and energy.  She sang songs and drew pictures of the sun and moon, of stars and flowers.  She seemed shy, but happy.

For two years, Kate lived in the children’s institute, where caregivers found her to be polite and helpful.  Although she had received little formal education, she began to study embroidery and knitting, learning quickly.  In 2010, Kate went to live with a foster family and also started school.
In the three years since Kate was found weak and alone, she has come so far.  Although she couldn’t write when she entered care, her teachers say she studies hard and often receives full marks on her assignments.  She gets along well with her foster mom, loves to play outside with her foster sister, and often invites her classmates over to play.  Kate is still playing catch-up.  She is still small in size, and behind her peers educationally.  But with monthly blood transfusions and the loving care of a foster family, her health is strong and her spirits are high.

She hopes to be adopted into a permanent family, who should be patient and understanding of older child adoption and its impact on behavior and learning skills.

A video of Kate is available here  If you need more help on completing this adoption in time, please look at the link on the right for Expedited Chinese Adoptions.

Kate's CWI has agreed to waive the orphanage donation.

Kate is on the shared list.  For more information, please contact your agency.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kirk - 05/1998

Kirk is a healthy little boy who turns 14 years old in late May. Sadly, his mother died when he was a year old, and his father died when he was 11 years old. He has been living at the orphanage since that time. He adapted to his new environment quickly and is liked by all the teachers and kids. A polite and kind child, he works hard and shows respect to others. He enjoys watching cartoons and playing with balls. Kirk is described as smart, active, and generous. He has agreed to be adopted by a foreign family and hopes to grow up happy and give back to society. Perhaps your family can help Kirk achieve his dreams. There is a generous donation of $5,000 from an anonymous donor who has a heart for older children. This donation applies regardless of the family’s income level and is in addition to the $4,200 Promise Child grant that WACAP has available for each of these children for families who qualify based on income.
For more information on Kirk, please contact ckids (at) wacap (dot) org

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meika - 05/1998

Mieka will turn 14 years old at the beginning of May; is a carrier of a  blood disorder. Abandoned at the age of 6, he has been living at the orphanage since then. Mieka is described as a curious child who continually asks his teachers and caregivers questions in order to understand as much as possible. He is fond of studying and likes to write and draw. He particularly likes playing with robots and playing outdoors, but he also enjoys watching cartoons on TV or reading books. He has a good appetite and gets along with other children. The caregivers like Mieka a great deal, call him a lovely child, and hope that he can find a family as quickly as possible.  A generous donation of $5,000 from an anonymous donor who has a heart for older children. This donation applies regardless of the family’s income level and is in addition to the $4,200 Promise Child grant that WACAP has available for each of these children for families who qualify based on income.In addition to the $5,000 donation and $4,200 Promise Child grant, the orphanage might be willing to reduce the orphanage donation approximately $2,700.

For more information on Mieka, please contact ckids (at) wacap (dot) org

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Logan - 04/1998

Logan will turn 14 years old in late April. He was found when he was 3 years old and started living at the orphanage, where he grew and developed over the years. Now he is in an age-appropriate grade in school. He receives average grades and learns math more easily than other subjects; he’s also been learning some simple English. His teachers say that his learning abilities are strong and he’s careful with his work. When Logan was 5 years old, he had heart surgery to correct his condition, and now he can run and play sports freely. He loves to read comic books and can draw very detailed pictures of the characters in the books. He has a few close friends at the orphanage with whom he plays and talks. Logan is described as optimistic, friendly, gregarious, and smart. We hope that we can find his forever family before it’s too late.  There is a generous donation of $5,000 from an anonymous donor who has a heart for older children. This donation applies regardless of the family’s income level and is in addition to the $4,200 Promise Child grant that WACAP has available for each of these children for families who qualify based on income.In addition to the $5,000 donation and $4,200 promise child grant, the orphanage might be willing to reduce the orphanage donation.

For more information on Logan, please contact ckids (at) wacap (dot) org

Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Girls with Love Without Boundaries

These two girls will age out this year.  All three are at an orphanage where personal friends of mine are in process to bring home two older girls.  Please take a look at their profiles and see if one of these girls could be your daughter.

Michelle ages out in May