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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Urgent: Nathan - 8/98

Nathan is in danger of “aging out.” This means that he will soon turn 14 years old, at which time he will no longer be eligible to be adopted. Since his birthday is in the middle of August, his adoptive family must have their homestudy completed for his adoption by the middle of April.

Nathan is considered a healthy child although some of his hepatitis B tests came back positive and were requested to be retested. He was admitted to the orphanage at the age of 3 and 1/2 years old, soon after began living with a foster family with whom he still resides, and began school at an early age. His report from 2011 indicates that he has normal cognitive and motor development, but his grades are a bit below average due to a lack of enthusiasm for school. He does, however, mostly enjoy history and gym classes and gets along with friends and classmates.

He is described as gentle, active, extroverted, and he looks after his younger foster brothers and sisters at home as well as other children at the orphanage. Enjoying chess, cards, and basketball, he also likes to surf the Internet, and he helps his foster mom with chores around the house. If you are interested in adopting Nathan, but have not yet started your homestudy, you can still have time to complete it!

Contact us immediately at ckids (at) wacap (dot) org to find out more about the process and timeframes. WACAP is offering a promise child grant of $4,200 to help the family who adopts this child; qualifying families have an annual household income under $125,000/year after child deductions of $3,700 per dependent child averaged over the past two years’ tax returns.

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