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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jennifer - 12/1998

Jennifer is an extroverted, clever, gregarious girl, but she can be a bit shy sometimes. She likes to do activities with kids of the same age, gets along well with kids, knows to share food and toys with others, likes all kinds of toys. She is fond of watching TV, and responds actively to strangers and new things.

She is in the 2nd grade in a primary school. (Note:  It is not unusual for a child from an orphanage to be several grades behind where they would be if they were not in an orphanage.  This is due to the fact that in this child's country, the orphanage has to pay for the kids to go to school.  Many times, they don't have the money to do this so the children are started later or sometimes miss a year)  She is docile and disciplined in class, can learn what the teacher teaches, and finish homework well. She is a middle-upper level student.

She likes the father and mother in foster family, is polite and greets her friends every day. She knows to open the door for the visitors and is quite obedient and sensible. She can help Mum to do something she can do. She is docile and cares of her family, cares for younger brother and sister for Mum. She begins to have sense of right and wrong, can express herself clearly, solve some difficulty with her knowledge. She has her own thought, has good intellect, recognizes daily used commodities, and knows their name, purpose and sort. She is very curious, likes to explore and know various objects and new things he never sees before, and cares for the change of surrounding persons and things.
Jennifer has vision/eye problems, but is otherwise healthy.

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