Their Last Chance

This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zeke - March 1998

I want to tell you about Zeke----a precious 13 year old boy who is aging out in March of next year (2012). Just like Alex, he comes to our house all the time. He has missing ears, but has some hearing. He doesn't wear any aids or use sign language. He goes to normal school. He's had surgery, where they took some rib and skin from his chest to fashion ears so that he looked a little more normal. He is sooooooooooooo wonderful! I've waited to advocate for him because I had hoped to adopt him myself. That hasn't worked out, so please please please--I know his family is out there.
This child will bring so much joy to your life. He is the best friend of my son. His paperwork is in the
process of being sent to Guangzhou because after Alex was adopted the orphanage agreed to try again with Zeke. He wants a family so badly. He loves to draw and my whole house is decorated with his art work. He loves our pug, Sam:) He always insists on helping me in the kitchen (cook, clean, etc...) He keeps me laughing. He's a great kid. I'll send photos, I just wanted to get the word out immediately. His paperwork should be ready any day now.
This child will steal your heart. He constantly asks me, "Am I good? Do you want me?" I've cried many tears over this child. He came to the center when he was 8 years old. Everyone at the center loves him. He is a good child and well behaved. He is constantly teased by the other children because of his ears. He was a good friend of Alex. I would completely trust him around any other younger children.


  1. We have been reading adoption blogs for quite some time but are new to yours...cannot quit thinking about Zeke. I find your blog very confusing tho...who are you? How do we contact you? I can't seem to find the correct info. Can you help me? Thank you so much. God is doing a mighty work in our life...S.

  2. Hi Sherri,
    I am a mom to 3 adopted kids from China. Our oldest was adopted the day before he aged out of international adoption. As a result of his adoption, God has burdened me for the kids aroundthe world who are aging out of adoption in their country.

    The purpose of this blog is to highlight kids from around the world that need families very soon. If you would like more information on Zeke, leave your e-mail address in the comments (I won't publish it) and I will provide more information.