Their Last Chance

This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jennifer - 12/1998

Jennifer is an extroverted, clever, gregarious girl, but she can be a bit shy sometimes. She likes to do activities with kids of the same age, gets along well with kids, knows to share food and toys with others, likes all kinds of toys. She is fond of watching TV, and responds actively to strangers and new things.

She is in the 2nd grade in a primary school. (Note:  It is not unusual for a child from an orphanage to be several grades behind where they would be if they were not in an orphanage.  This is due to the fact that in this child's country, the orphanage has to pay for the kids to go to school.  Many times, they don't have the money to do this so the children are started later or sometimes miss a year)  She is docile and disciplined in class, can learn what the teacher teaches, and finish homework well. She is a middle-upper level student.

She likes the father and mother in foster family, is polite and greets her friends every day. She knows to open the door for the visitors and is quite obedient and sensible. She can help Mum to do something she can do. She is docile and cares of her family, cares for younger brother and sister for Mum. She begins to have sense of right and wrong, can express herself clearly, solve some difficulty with her knowledge. She has her own thought, has good intellect, recognizes daily used commodities, and knows their name, purpose and sort. She is very curious, likes to explore and know various objects and new things he never sees before, and cares for the change of surrounding persons and things.
Jennifer has vision/eye problems, but is otherwise healthy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shea - 09/98

Meet Shea.  He is an artist, musician, and wants to learn to dance like Michael Jackson.There is 6 months to adopt him before he ages out and will be left behind in Asia on his birthday with little resources. He is a bright, healthy 13 year old boy with a repaired cleft lip and palate. He speaks clearly and articulately.

He goes to 7th grade outside the orphanage where he is an average student whose favorite subject is art. He presented us with a drawing he had made, and colored, of his favorite cartoon characters. It is clear from this work that he is very talented. He also enjoys basketball and playing traditional drums. Shea describes himself as being very honest and happy, and states that it makes him sad when someone doesn’t want to play with him. He is a soft-spoken, sweet, young boy who would thrive in a family who can adopt him before he is 14 and becomes ineligible for adoption.  When asked if he could have anything in the world he wanted, he replied that he would love to learn to dance like Michael Jackson.

When our staff met him briefly she said "he really seems like a great kid. He was rather shy, very polite with lots of interests—drawing, music and dancing. He said he would like to be adopted and I have no doubt it was a genuine and not “spoon-fed” answer. I really enjoyed meeting him and I think any family would be lucky to have him."

Finances: There is a $4200 Promise Child grant for families making less than $125,000 a year. Please ask about possible fee waivers, private grants and loans to apply for. For more info and photos of Shea please contact at WACAP (>).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIRE! Leon - 04/1998

We need a prayer and advocacy campaign these next few days for Leon  - a wonderful 13 yr old boy in Guangdong province, Shenzhen City CWI. He has repaired CHD. Leon needs a family to commit to him this coming week! If you have been considering and researching older child adoption and can make this leap of faith - please consider Leon!

A friend wanted to share that they sent his file to a friend of theirs who is a heart surgeon this is what he wrote back:

"In answer to your query regarding Leon,he may always remain small. He has murmurs over three valves in his heart, which may mean he could need further surgeries when he is older. It is encouraging that they do not describe any heart failure signs or symptoms, which may indicate that he may need nothing further done. Without examining him further, I can't be more precise. He seems healthy, active and well adjusted."

Leon has a strong ability to express himself, and always say hello to others. He gets along well with others. He has 3 good friends he likes to play wtih. He loves to read comic books and loves the characters in the book. He can draw the characters in the books with good detail. His learning ability is strong and careful. He is optimistic, friendly, gregarious, and smart. He is post-operative for Tetralogy of Fallot and his heart exams appear normal. The orphanage has agreed to waive the orphanage donation fee for any family who adopts Leon.

This is one handsome guy! He's on the shared list.

Please read more about him here:

username: waiting

password: children

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucky is a Lucky guy!

Lucky who was profiled here has found a family!!!!  Their story is truly amazing, but you'll have to go to their blog to find out more. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zeke met his family!

Zeke met his forever family today!  No pictures yet, but a happy kid and a happy mom!

Go check out their blog here

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Teddy - Oct 1998

We shudder to think how limited his life will be in his country with his special need if he doesn't
get adopted in time. Our staff decribed him as a very sweet boy. He is an outgoing boy who was not too shy when talking with us. He attends school outside the orphanage and is in the 2nd grade. Because he has grown up in the orphanage, the orphanage started him in school at a much later age than he would have started had he grown up in a family, but they report that he is quite smart.
He's a very good student and above average. His favorite subject is math. He enjoys playing when outside of school especially with a ball. He has many friends of all ages. He's very active and likes to run. He says that some of his favorite things are snacks and new clothes. He says that nothing makes him sad. When he sees an injustice for himself or others, he tells the teachers. His caregivers report that he is a hearty eater. He was very polite and always smiled at us when he saw us walk by during our visit at the institute.

Teddy is on the shared list, but there is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families if the family chooses to use WACAP for his adoption.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Urgent: Nathan - 8/98

Nathan is in danger of “aging out.” This means that he will soon turn 14 years old, at which time he will no longer be eligible to be adopted. Since his birthday is in the middle of August, his adoptive family must have their homestudy completed for his adoption by the middle of April.

Nathan is considered a healthy child although some of his hepatitis B tests came back positive and were requested to be retested. He was admitted to the orphanage at the age of 3 and 1/2 years old, soon after began living with a foster family with whom he still resides, and began school at an early age. His report from 2011 indicates that he has normal cognitive and motor development, but his grades are a bit below average due to a lack of enthusiasm for school. He does, however, mostly enjoy history and gym classes and gets along with friends and classmates.

He is described as gentle, active, extroverted, and he looks after his younger foster brothers and sisters at home as well as other children at the orphanage. Enjoying chess, cards, and basketball, he also likes to surf the Internet, and he helps his foster mom with chores around the house. If you are interested in adopting Nathan, but have not yet started your homestudy, you can still have time to complete it!

Contact us immediately at ckids (at) wacap (dot) org to find out more about the process and timeframes. WACAP is offering a promise child grant of $4,200 to help the family who adopts this child; qualifying families have an annual household income under $125,000/year after child deductions of $3,700 per dependent child averaged over the past two years’ tax returns.