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Monday, November 21, 2011

Update - Zeke 03/1998

Yesterday Zeke came to my house and I was reminded of what an amazing little guy he is.  He is such a little gentleman, helping to clear the table, serving everyone food, saying Thank You, etc...  He loves to talk and had a lot of catching up to do after our long time away in America--he kept us laughing.  I talked with him about being adopted and what that would mean--leaving his birth country and the only home he's ever known.  He said that he understood that, but still really wanted a family. 
Last week some of the other kids teased him (in front of me but thinking I didn't hear) about how he was running out of time and no one would want him before his next birthday.  He just listened in silence.  He is fully aware that he only has a little time left.  Oh, I pray that someone comes forward soon.  There is still plenty of time, even starting from scratch (if someone moved really quickly).  He will be such a blessing.  
I would also feel confident bringing him in with smaller children.  He would be a wonderful big brother.  He takes good care of my younger girls, making sure they are always with the group, have enough food at the table, etc...  
We played lots of birthday games yesterday and he had a blast--laughing, dancing, etc...  He especially liked learning "The Chicken Dance" and balloon popping relay.  I hated to bring him back last night. This little guy really needs someone to love him and give him the home that he deserves.
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