Their Last Chance

This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

Older Child Adoption Resources

The Bonding Book
Coming Home: Adopting the Older Child WACAP Free webinar
Adopting Older Children
Older Child Adoption Resource Library
Focus Adolescent Services - online resources for parents of adopted adolescents/teenagers
Chosen International
Chosen International Blog
Beyond Consequences
Ambassadors for Christ
Chinese Children's Books
Chinese/English Music, Books, DVDs etc
The Effects of Older Child Adoption on the Family
Mandarin Christian Resources
Attachment Issues Symptom Checklist
Things Every Adoptive Parent Should Know
Journey to Anaia Simone
We're Taking Baby Steps
There's No Place Like Home
Specific Blog Posts:
The Quiet Migration
Amy Eldridge Speaks
When Parents Haven't Done Their Research
Older Child Adoption
Older Child Adoption-Part-II
Dressed As Orphans
Beginning Of Sadness
On The Road To Healing
Tips For Parents Adopting Older Children
Gum On Your Shoe
Parenting Older Adopted Children
Revisiting Preschool Years With Older Adoptees
Summer Sickness
As Scars Fade

It's not always easy
Choosing Clothes
My Yoke is Easy?
Collision of Two Cultures
There is a Storm Brewing
Angel on my Shoulders
Secrets of Older Kid Adoption
Comin' Up for Air
What I See, What Lily Sees
Two at a Time - Aging out and Adjustment
On maintaining a child's first language
Boris Gindis' Research on IA kids
TCU Institute on Child Development  Free translation of letters
What to do BEFORE adopting  - Scroll down to find the 12 recommended steps
What I worry about...
Adopting the Older Child: Questions Answered
He Just Wants a Family
Another Sister for Madison
Five Blossoms
Once Upon A Mooncake
Waala House of Fun
Waiting in Wuzhou and Coming from Kunming
Just a MINute Mom
Whirling Moms
One Chinese Brother
Two Tots and a Teen
Matt and Mandi

Older Child Adoption
Attach China
Empowered to Connect
Tapestry Resources  scroll down for articles specific to older child adoption
Visual Aids for communication
Picture Cards  iPhone apps for communication Post Adoption Resources
Chinese Language/Culture
Chinese Kids Songs Language, Songs, Dictionary, Calligraphy, etc  English/Pinyin/Characters Flash Cards

The Connected Child
Attaching In Adoption
Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child - A website to get books in Chinese/Pinyin/English for your older adopted child

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