Their Last Chance

This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

What to Pack for an Older Child

Not much!  I'll divide this into two sections:  What to pack and What to buy in China.  I'll also include a section of what they might come with:

What to Pack
This is somewhat dependent on age, but I'll focus on the older (10 and up) kids and is also dependent on gender so I'll start with generic stuff first

Underwear - boxer briefs for boys
Pajamas (but they may not wear them)
1 or 2 pair Jeans
1 or 2 short sleeve shirt
1 or 2 long sleeve shirt

Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush
gum, lollipops (for gotcha day)
pads for girls
Notebook for journal, e-mail addresses, phone #'s, qq addresses, etc
translator (iPad/iPod/ or BBK type)
photo album of your family for them (if you haven't already sent one)
photo album of your family for the SWI/foster family
for girls
lip gloss, nail polish, hair accessories

Flotation Ring (for swimming)
Uno cards
beach ball
doodle pad
drawing pad/pencils
Nintendo DSi - charge in the razor plug
Legos (in a clear zippered bag just in case you get "inspected")
matchbox cars
small soft (nerf-like) ball
coloring books/crayons
playdoh - though if you are going carry-on-only, it might not make it through
bead kits - (mainly for girls)

What to Buy
Books at Jusco in GUZ - buy a suitcase and FILL it with books
Clothes - so you know the right size and style they like
gum, lollipops, snacks
videos - make sure they have the Chinese sub-titles
Nintendo DSi game cartridge - ask your guide to help you with this one ;  they load a cartridge with a lot of games that your kids will enjoy

What they may bring with them
New clothes - wearing
New shoes  - wearing
New coat - wearing
school books

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