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This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

Expedited Chinese Adoption Timeline

An Expedited Adoption can be completed in 30 days if your dossier is already in China.  Here is an example timeline:

Day 1 Monday LOI sent in
Day 3 Wed PA received
Day 7-10 Mon - Wed LOA received
Day 8-11 Tue-Thur I-800 packet sent to lockbox
Day 22 - 25 Tue - Thur I-800 Approved
Day 23 - 26 Wed - Fri Cabled
Day 24 - 29 Thur - Mon Article 5, TA, and CA
Here are other steps to take to help make the process go more smoothly.
  1. Send in LOI and wait for PA.
  2. Get your SW to write the HS addendum to cover the older child ASAP.
  3. Call your officer at USCIS and let them know what you are trying to do.  Your officer for the I-800 is the same as for the I-800A.
  4. Call you US Senator/Congressman's local office and see if they will help you.
  5. Get your I-800's and your Supplement 3 ready to go.  Don't screw up and check the wrong box on the I-800 part 2  Question 4 if you are bringing two children home at once.
  6. When you get your HS addendum, make sure you get the letter from your agency approving it.
  7. Have your agency e-mail you a copy of the LOA.  Print it, sign it, scan the signed copy, put all of the original stuff for the I-800s and the Supplement in overnight mail to the Lockbox.
  8. Email and let them know the package is coming.  
  9. E-mail everything that you sent to the lockbox to your officer at   with a subject of <Last Name>  Adoption SIM# - Officer xxxx. Make sure you send USCIS your approval letter from the adoption agency for your Supplement 3
  10. WAIT - arrgghh!!! This is the hardest part. 
  11. E-mail NVC and the consulate in Guangzhou at and with this in the Subject line: ADOPTION:  SIM#, Petitioner's Name (you or DH) and DOB, Applicant's Name and DOB  Let them know what your are doing.
  12. Watch for your checks to the lockbox to clear your bank.  As soon as they do, e-mail copies to your officer. 
  13. Ask your officer to overnight your approval to NVC.  Get the tracking number from your officer.
  14. When the package arrives at NVC call them at 603-334-0700  and let them know what you are doing.  Ask them to go get your paperwork from the mail room.  They should be able to cable you that day. Ask them to e-mail you the PDF of the cable letter. 
  15. When you get the cable letter from NVC, e-mail it to your agency. 
Guangzhou's policy is to expedite so there shouldn't be a problem there.  You won't have TA in hand before you travel.  You may get it handed to you just prior to going to the adoption office in Guangzhou!

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