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Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIRE! Leon - 04/1998

We need a prayer and advocacy campaign these next few days for Leon  - a wonderful 13 yr old boy in Guangdong province, Shenzhen City CWI. He has repaired CHD. Leon needs a family to commit to him this coming week! If you have been considering and researching older child adoption and can make this leap of faith - please consider Leon!

A friend wanted to share that they sent his file to a friend of theirs who is a heart surgeon this is what he wrote back:

"In answer to your query regarding Leon,he may always remain small. He has murmurs over three valves in his heart, which may mean he could need further surgeries when he is older. It is encouraging that they do not describe any heart failure signs or symptoms, which may indicate that he may need nothing further done. Without examining him further, I can't be more precise. He seems healthy, active and well adjusted."

Leon has a strong ability to express himself, and always say hello to others. He gets along well with others. He has 3 good friends he likes to play wtih. He loves to read comic books and loves the characters in the book. He can draw the characters in the books with good detail. His learning ability is strong and careful. He is optimistic, friendly, gregarious, and smart. He is post-operative for Tetralogy of Fallot and his heart exams appear normal. The orphanage has agreed to waive the orphanage donation fee for any family who adopts Leon.

This is one handsome guy! He's on the shared list.

Please read more about him here:

username: waiting

password: children

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