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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Juliet - 9/1998

Beautiful Juliet is 13 years old!!!  This precious child will age out in September!  Juliet is listed as having hypoevolutism, others normal.  Please read about this wonderful little girl.
She is in Grade five at this time, she studies in Experimental primary school. She respect the teachers, hard-working, and gets along well with classmates. she is doing common about her study, she is not good at maths, but her handwriting is very good. she can provide herself, she washes dishes, washes the clothes, help her caregiver sweep the floor and tidy the room. She is well-behaved, listen to arrange, doesn’t have her own ideas. She doesn’t like to use her head, when she meets a problem/question, She always likes to ask questions. When she is watching TV with other children together, other children can understand the story, but she can’t, so she will ask many question about it. She smiles a lot, when she is criticism, she won’t talk back and accept advice humbly.
Juliet sounds like a child who just needs some direction, some sense of worth and most of all, love!  Please contact Lifeline

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