Their Last Chance

This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Update - Zeke 03/1998

Yesterday Zeke came to my house and I was reminded of what an amazing little guy he is.  He is such a little gentleman, helping to clear the table, serving everyone food, saying Thank You, etc...  He loves to talk and had a lot of catching up to do after our long time away in America--he kept us laughing.  I talked with him about being adopted and what that would mean--leaving his birth country and the only home he's ever known.  He said that he understood that, but still really wanted a family. 
Last week some of the other kids teased him (in front of me but thinking I didn't hear) about how he was running out of time and no one would want him before his next birthday.  He just listened in silence.  He is fully aware that he only has a little time left.  Oh, I pray that someone comes forward soon.  There is still plenty of time, even starting from scratch (if someone moved really quickly).  He will be such a blessing.  
I would also feel confident bringing him in with smaller children.  He would be a wonderful big brother.  He takes good care of my younger girls, making sure they are always with the group, have enough food at the table, etc...  
We played lots of birthday games yesterday and he had a blast--laughing, dancing, etc...  He especially liked learning "The Chicken Dance" and balloon popping relay.  I hated to bring him back last night. This little guy really needs someone to love him and give him the home that he deserves.
For more information on Zeke,  leave a comment with your e-mail address (it won't be published) and I'll provide you with more information.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Girls in Asia

Due to changes in policy from the Asian country in which these children were born, I am not allowed to post details here.  However, there are two girls who will be aging out soon that are available.  One is healthy and the other has a manageable disorder.

Both girls have possible grant money available.

If you would like more information on either of these girls, please leave a comment with your e-mail address.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zeke - March 1998

I want to tell you about Zeke----a precious 13 year old boy who is aging out in March of next year (2012). Just like Alex, he comes to our house all the time. He has missing ears, but has some hearing. He doesn't wear any aids or use sign language. He goes to normal school. He's had surgery, where they took some rib and skin from his chest to fashion ears so that he looked a little more normal. He is sooooooooooooo wonderful! I've waited to advocate for him because I had hoped to adopt him myself. That hasn't worked out, so please please please--I know his family is out there.
This child will bring so much joy to your life. He is the best friend of my son. His paperwork is in the
process of being sent to Guangzhou because after Alex was adopted the orphanage agreed to try again with Zeke. He wants a family so badly. He loves to draw and my whole house is decorated with his art work. He loves our pug, Sam:) He always insists on helping me in the kitchen (cook, clean, etc...) He keeps me laughing. He's a great kid. I'll send photos, I just wanted to get the word out immediately. His paperwork should be ready any day now.
This child will steal your heart. He constantly asks me, "Am I good? Do you want me?" I've cried many tears over this child. He came to the center when he was 8 years old. Everyone at the center loves him. He is a good child and well behaved. He is constantly teased by the other children because of his ears. He was a good friend of Alex. I would completely trust him around any other younger children.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Corey - 2/1998

Corey lived with a foster family from the day he was found until 2009 when they were not able to care for him any longer. Corey is in the 6th grade and likes Math and English classes. He likes to play badminton and ping pong for fun. Corey is popular among his classmates and is always willing to help others. He is also popular amongst the younger children at the orphanage, and often leads them in playing games. They call him older brother and like him a lot. He is praised by his teachers as a good and sensible child. He is an intelligent child and is well loved at the orphanage and they hope he can have a happy home. Corey is on the shared list, but there is a $5000 grant available through ASIA for him.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Olga - 12/2007

Olga has Cerebral Palsy.  She is gorgeous- long eyelashes, blue eyes, beautiful teeth and smile.  She seemed to have quite limited movement.  She is facing transfer to an institution which does not allow international adoptions.  For mor information on Olga, please visit

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mary - 12/1998

Mary was abandoned as an infant at a hospital and after the search for her birthparents failed, she was sent to a welfare institute to be raised. In 1999, she underwent surgery for a spinda bifida related tumor on her back and was diagnosed with scoliosis. She underwent further corrective surgeries in 2007 and 2009, which have greatly improved her scoliosis. Her caretakers say she has adapted well to life in the orphanage and considers the other children her brothers and sisters. She is described as a helpful, kind, introverted, shy and cute girl. Mary enjoys cross-stitch, reading books, and is loved by her teachers. Mary has told her caretakers that if she were adopted, she would miss her caregivers and the children she calls her brothers and sisters. She would love to go back and visit them if she ever had the chance. She also desires her own mother and father, a space of her own, and a warm family. Mary has agreed to be adopted by a foreign family and would have the opportunity to know a life of love, growth and happiness. To learn more about this special girl, please contact Heartsent.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Levi - June 1992

Levi is an insightful, friendly young man who makes friends easily. He likes photography, spending time outdoors, and playing football and soccer. Above all, Levi’s favorite pastime is reading. In regular 11th grade classes, he looks forward to attending college and plans on majoring in literature. Levi gets along well with peers and children. He has an aunt and cousins with whom he maintains contact. Levi wants a family who will listen to his ideas and support him as he ventures into the world.
To view Levi's video, follow this link:
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Justin - March 1998

I wanted to introduce some of you to Justin .  He only has 4 months to find a family.   He is wonderful with children.  He is postoperative for cerebral palsy, but he is able to walk and play.  He does about 40 minutes of therapy a night to help strengthen his body.
Justin is a detail-oriented child with independent thinking. He likes to take care of children younger than he is. He acts as a big brother in doing it and he is very thoughtful and caring to other children. He is hard-working too. He loves helping with family chores such as bed-making, laundry, and dish washing. He’s very independent in daily life. He keeps his stuff clean and organized.
He has a hearty appetite and eats a large amount of food. He has never been picky in eating. He sleeps well and he has been healthy. He rarely gets sick. He’s not afraid of cold.
He studies hard and attentively. The first thing he wants to do after school is to finish his home works. He’s very patient in answering other children’s questions.
He’s longing for a family. He’s confident that he will have one.  He’s ready for it.
He is on the shared list - however WACAP has a generous grant for his adoption for an eligble family (need to go thru WACAP for their grant) There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. There is also an additional $5000 available for this child’s adoption from a generous donor. Families of all incomes may apply for this grant. Please contact a waiting child case manager at WACAP for more information.