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Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIRE - Tom - 11/1997

An LOI must be sent in for Tom in the next week as he must be adopted by 11/25. He must have a family that already has a dossier in China to pursue his adoption.  Your agency MUST be willing to work with you to get to Tom in time.

Tom's  caregivers use many words to describe him including brave, open, active, lively, and sensible.  He is deaf, and  a bright child with a strong ability to grasp new things. Tom is helpful to his teachers who say he is well behaved and studies hard. He is observant, loves to read and to draw, and communicates through gestures.  He gets along well with other children.

There is grant money for a family that pursues Tom's adoption with WACAP.  There is a total of $14,350 in aid (including $5000 available for this child's adoption from a generous donor) and there is an additional $5150 orphanage donation waiver for this child. Families of all incomes may apply for this grant. In addition, a $4200 grant is available for qualified families. Please contact  FamilyFinders (at) wacap (dot) org or ckids (at) wacap (dot) org for more information

This child is a part of the Special Focus Program so there is an increased chance of receiving an exception if you don’t meet all the requirements to adopt from China. To see Tom’s photo go to<> select waiting child and request an instant password.
WACAP ID: Tom FWH.1197.14825.01

Please click here for more information on how to complete this adoption in time: Expedited Chinese Adoption Timeline

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