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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UPDATE: Scott - 01/1999

10/19/11 UPDATE - Scott has been matched with a family!!!!!

Scott is a shy, honest and responsible boy. He has been in the orphanage for 4 years now and has adjusted well. He gets along with others well and is very caring. He buys snacks with his allowance and shares with the other children. He does a good job with his chores. Before he came to the orphanage he had not received proper education, so he has some difficulty in school from his lack of foundation. He gets extra help is very studious and determined. He likes to draw is currently learning to draw in the big sisters program. He likes to read all kinds of children's books and novels. He is honest and a good and sensible boy.
Scott is an incredibly determined and brave child. Through his rehabilitation training, he never gave up, even when he was covered in sweat. He takes the role of monitor at school and helps the other children. At the orphanage he also helps the other children with basic daily living tasks, like washing their faces. He is extremely generous and shares his delicious food and favorite toys with others. He is part of the Half the Sky program and cherishes his opportunity, so he studies hard. He has an excellent memory and can remember what he is taught. In his free time, he likes to read poems and sing. He is excellent at math. He didn’t think he could draw very well, but saw a beautiful picture and the teacher encouraged him to try to draw it. He tried after some convincing and drew a beautiful picture. He sees his brothers and sisters get adopted into families and very much wants a family of his own.
An advocate wrote, "I had our local ped ortho doc take a look at his feet and he seems to think they would be very easy to fix. I pray this beautiful boy finds his family!!!"
Here is a video Scott  he appears first on the video. The second boy (with albinism) on the video has a family  The third boy, DZ also needs a family. DZ's DOB is 4/99.
Password: william1

Scott is on ASIA's designated list, but they willtransfer his file to another agency if there is a family who wants to adopt him!
Contact marcisk (at) asiadopt (dot) org

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  1. We have PA for "Scott"! Praising God for opening this door for our family.