Their Last Chance

This blog is dedicated to finding families for kids who are running out of time. Every child listed on here will lose their chance for a forever family within one year.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

David - June 1998

DOB: June  1998

SN: Repaired CL/CP (and now his age)

SWI Jingyang District

"David" has been waiting his entire life for a family. He was born in 1998 in southwest China. This boy is enjoyable and energetic. When my friend visits the orphanage, he is always eager to get out and play soccer, volleyball or whatever sport anyone will play with him. David is quiet and enjoys drawing. The orphanage director says he is quite mature and very smart. David has amazing potential to be a strong leader.
His special need is cleft lip and palate.

He has stated repeatedly that he wants to be adopted! He wants a family!

He only has about 10 months to be adopted. In China, children are not allowed to be adopted when they turn 14 years old.

His care takers say he is very clean, he helps the teachers clean up after school ends, he loves school, loves doing his homework. He loves little kids and will help feed the younger children.


  1. What agency or agencies have the file for "David" and "Jonathon"?

  2. Both boys are on the shared list. As a result, they can be adopted by a family that has access to that list.