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Thursday, October 27, 2011

URGENT: Hillary - 2/1998

Hillary gets along well with her classmates, knows to share her pencil with others who does not have. She knows to sweep the floor actively. Once, the caretaker gets ill, and tells Hillary she wants to go home and resign from the institute. Hillary hold her hands and says “please don’t leave, please pass the disease to me, I want to get ill instead of you”. And then she cries. She does not sleep for the whole night, and stays beside the caretaker. She is a sensitive girl, knows to greet the staff in the institute. She is introverted, quiet, shy, and not talkative in front of strangers, but would give you a sweet smile. She likes to play games with children at her age, is fond of rope skipping and kicking shuttlecock. Hillary has oval face, a pair of bright and large eyes, thick and black hair. She is thin, and is a sensitive girl.
Hillary is on the shared list but is being advocated for by Madison. Her file states that she has "mental nerve development delay." It sounds like she had TB at some point, and they are saying that caused her mental delay. The information in her file does not appear to support this diagnosis.  She also has polydactyly of one hand I think.

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