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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kolina - 12/2002

While this precious child may not be in danger of legally aging out of international adoption, her time is probably very short for her to find a family.  You see, she is in a situation physically where her life expectancy is most likely very short if she remains in the orphanage.  That is why I chose to highlight Kolina today. 

This sweet little girl is literally deteriorating daily in a crib in Eastern Europe.  On December 16 she will "celebrate" her birthday.  Kolina will be nine years old. Yes, nine! She has Down syndrome. Looking at her pictures, she probably only weighs around 10-12 pounds.  If that.  Clothes cover her clearly skeletal legs, and her pitiful frame is nothing but skin and bones.  Poor little darling.

Time is obviously crucial and she needs to come home as quickly as possible. Poor lovie is living on borrowed time--she is severely malnourished. A home-study-ready family would be ideal, but at this stage, it is not essential.  Anyone wanting more information can contact Shelley at  shele337 (at) yahoo (dot)com
You can see a picture of Kolina here as well as donate towards the cost of her adoption.

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